WebGL | Spoofing 3D fingerprinting

WebGL is part of the Canvas Browser Fingerprint. It is Javascript API to render 3D objects. There are already tools on the market that can change it but to perform proper spoofing that keeps the profile consistent and make it look natural is more difficult. The good news is that Kameleo has WebGL spoofing that also changes the WebGL hash properly.

On the Device Settings of the Profile. We suggest you set the WebGL Spoofing to Noise and leave the WebGL metadata spoofing on Automatic so the configuration will match the Base Profile’s setting and the whole spoofing will be more natural and more consistent.


If you prefer you can also set up the Unmasked Vendor and Unmasked Renderer manually.




Your WebGL hash will be spoofed as well and you can stay undetected while browsing. You can check on browserleaks.com/webgl how Kameleo spoofs it.


We created a video for you, so you will understand how WebGL spoofing works.


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