Can third parties obtain my MAC address?

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No, you don’t have to worry about your MAC address while browsing. Kameleo is not spoofing your MAC address but it is not a problem while you use a browser. Browsers cannot request your MAC address.

Privacy fanatics are often afraid of being detected by a website because of their MAC addresses. What you have to understand is that is not possible to get one’s MAC address through the browser. So, no website can request your MAC address and they cannot detect you.



The reason is simple. The MAC address is only used in the Data Link layer (Layer 2) on the OSI layers which are responsible for network communication. All the browsers are acting at higher levels only. So, they have no access to your MAC address.

So, while you are browsing with Kameleo you don’t have to care about your MAC address.

When should I worry?

You should worry about your MAC address when you are connecting to the internet through an app other than a browser. For example, an online poker software. A .exe can access your MAC address and they can send it through the network to the server that the poker software is connecting to. Of course, Kameleo has nothing to do with it. Kameleo is spoofing the fingerprint in the browser started by our software.

What can you do?

There are tools that you can use to change your MAC address. For example: T. Mac Address Changer

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