Login to Kameleo App

  1. Once you purchased a subscription your account will be active.
  2. You can log in to Kameleo Desktop App.
  3. Use the email address or username and password you use on our website.

If you change your password on the website it takes a couple of minutes to apply in the Kameleo Client.

If you cannot log in

Check if you have an active internet connection. If you are using proxies with Proxifier, make sure to set up an extra rule for api.kameleo.io (See our articles about Proxifier)

Maximum allowed sessions reached. Please try again in 5 minutes.

Note that you are not allowed to have multiple active sessions in Kameleo with the same username. There can be some occasions when you exit Kameleo and when you want to log  in again you won't be allowed. In this case you just have to wait a couple of minutes then you can try it again.


Invalid credentials

Sometimes it happens that you will get an ‘Invalid credentials’ error message while logging in. In that case, try to write your password into Notepad and then copy-paste your password to the password box. It is necessary because when you are using a VPS / RDP / VM the keyboard layout can be different and you can misspell your password.

Change password

If you change your password on the website your password in the Kameleo App will also change in a couple of minutes. So if you cannot log in to Kameleo try to change your password there.

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