Checklist for connecting Kameleo Mobile to External Spoofing Engine

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Connecting the Spoofing Engine with your phone can be unsuccessful. You may see an error message like:

Error – Can not connect the spoofing engine!


Here are a couple of things you can check to ensure that the connection will be successful:

Providing the correct IP

Kameleo on your PC prints all the private IP addresses. Most likely only 1 will match the network that your phone is connected to. The chances are big that it will start with 192.168.x.x. Please try all of them

Your PC and phone must be on the same network.

You have to connect the same WiFi network. You can check your private IP address in the Wireless settings on your Android phone.


Also, you can check the private IP address of your computer in Network & Internet > Ethernet.


See that the Mobile’s IP is The PC’s IP is Both starting with 192.168.10.x. There is a good chance they are on the same network.

The network is set as a private network for your PC

On the above image, you can see that the network is signed as a private network. So other devices on the same network can recognize your PC. Otherwise Kameleo Mobile won’t see your PC.

Firewall is not blocking the connection

Starting the Spoofing Engine enables the connection through a given port from the inside network. This must not be blocked by the firewall.

No VPN on mobile

We saw a couple of setups when the mobile couldn’t connect the PC despite they were on the same network because the phone was using a VPN. Please note that no VPN is required, because the phone will use the IP address that is set up in Kameleo on your PC.

Still not connecting?

Check if your phone or other PC can ping the PC where Kameleo runs. In this case, you will have to ping from the private network. You can use this app to ping it.

This video was created with Kameleo v1.9.7. Kameleo v2 is working the same, so you should be able to solve issues by watching this video, but please keep reading the article for updates.

Running Kameleo from a VM?

When you are running Kameleo from a virtual machine you may have problems connecting to it with your mobile when you are running a Mobile Profile in Kameleo.

Can not connect the spoofing engine!

This is the error you will see on Kameleo Mobile when you set up things incorrectly while trying to connect to the Kameleo External Spoofing Engine with Android. The good news is that if you follow this article, you will understand the problem more and it will help you set it up correctly.

Set up a bridged network on your VM

When you are running Kameleo in a Virtual Machine you will probably see something like “10.0.x.x” as a private IP when you are launching a Mobile Profile. The reason is that your VM is on a Network Address Translation (NAT) and this is wrong. In this case, your VM will be on a different network than the other devices on your wireless hotspot.

The solution is to set up a Bridged Network in your VM. In this case, one of your real network adapters will be assigned to the Virtual Machine. Then it will get a private IP like your host. Most likely something like “192.168.x.x“. Then you can connect it with your phone.

Please note that this setting will mean that your Virtual Machine is using your network adapter directly. This way if you are using a VPN on your host that won’t be automatically applied in the VM.

Running Android from a VM?

We helped a couple of users thru the problem when they didn’t use a physical device to run Kameleo Mobile, but a virtual machine. In this case, it is still possible to connect it to the Spoofing Engine.

Try to set-up a bridged network on your Android VM like in the previous section.

Then check the IP address in the Android’s Wi-Fi settings. You should see a private IP starting with the same as your host machine. Most likely something like “192.168.x.x“.


Then you must be able to connect the Spoofing Engine.

If you are using VM for both the OS that runs Kameleo and for the Android that runs Kameleo Mobile it may be not necessary to set up the bridged network for the VMs. Since they may be on the same network. See if their IP starts the same (like 10.x.x.?).

If you can ping each other, you may still have to check the above steps.

VM is running in the cloud?

Hopefully, this has already solved your problem but as the community of Kameleo is big and various a couple of our members of our community are using Kameleo Mobile differently. This section is discussing the case when Kameleo is running on a VM that is hosted somewhere in the cloud.

So if Kameleo runs in the cloud how can I connect to it with my mobile?

If you want to set up a configuration like this you may be a power user so you will understand most of the things that we tell you here. If not, you can still contact us in a support ticket on our website.

All you have to do is get the public IP of your virtual machine and open the required port on it.

By having the public IP, you can reach the virtual machine with your phone that is simply connected to the internet. This way you can ping the computer but you may still have problems when you try to connect the given port with your mobile device. To solve it you will have to open a port on the virtual machine’s OS.

  • This may be simply opening a port on the firewall inside the VM's OS.
  • Or you have to open a port through the VM hosting service’s dashboard.

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