Self-diagnostics tool

This is a tool for Kameleo v1.9.7. In Kameleo v2 you won't need this.

Sometimes it can happen that Kameleo won’t work as you expected. We developed a Self Diagnostics function so every time Kameleo is not working you can try this. Also, it is very useful to test your proxy.

Please consider sending the output of the Self Diagnostics to us when you submit a ticket.

How it works:

You can open it from the profile window


Open Self Diagnostics menu from the profile window


A new window will appear where you can start a new diagnostics


Click “Start Self Diagnostics” button to start the test

You will see how the tests are running. Printing some useful information on the screen.


Kameleo is running Self Diagnostics

If it is successful you will see your IP or your Proxy’s IP address.


Successful Self Diagnostics in Kameleo

If it fails you will see some description of the failure.

Please send us the output of failure when you submit a ticket and it connects to this issue.


Failed Self Diagnostics in Kameleo


What it tests

Internet access

It can often happen that the Kameleo app has no internet access. Maybe you misconfigured Proxifier

Accessing Kameleo servers

Maybe the app has internet access, but it cannot reach our servers. If you are using Proxifier should be an exception.

Testing the spoofing engine

The heart of Kameleo is the spoofing engine. It can happen that some problems may appear with it.

Testing proxy

If you are connecting the web through a proxy with the built-in proxy manager it will check if you can reach it. If it fails then check the proxy settings (type, host, port, username, password).

Testing spoofed connection to web

If everything was successful it checks if everything works fine together. And checks if the IP can be requested through the web with Kameleo.


Every time the test fails it worth rerun the diagnostics.

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