Browsing with or without Selenium | What is the difference?

This feature is only available in Kameleo v1.9.7 since in Kameleo v2 we introduced the Selenium Stealth WebDriver that completely hides the presence of Selenium WebDriver.

In Kameleo v1.5.6 we introduced a feature that allows you to turn off Selenium Driver. This helps to eliminate annoying CAPTCHAs on websites. Here are the details.

With Selenium Driver

Before Kameleo v1.5.6  you could only start the browsers with Selenium Web Driver. It resulted in a smooth browser opening and closing while your fingerprint could be spoofed easily. The problem with this was that most of the bots on the internet are scraping the web using some kind of solution built on a web driver. To prevent scraping, websites try to block or flag connections made with a web driver.

If Alice had a database with important information about all the companies in the world she would run a website where you could browse the data. Alice would like to drive as much traffic to that website because she earns money from the ads on the websites. If Bob wants to run the same business but he hasn’t got the database he could make a bot that will scrape Alice’s website. It basically opens every page on her website and saving the data in his own database. In this case Alice will try to do everything to prevent it. So she blocks connections made with a web driver or her website shows CAPTCHAs before users can read the data about the companies.

Kameleo was doing everything to prevent exposing the use of a web driver. The feedback from our community was pretty good. Though there are some companies that still had the ability to detect the presence of a web driver. To solve the issue of getting multiple CAPTCHAs we created a solution by disabling the Selenium Web Driver.

Without Selenium Web Driver

The good news is that we developed a solution that spoofs your browser fingerprint and doesn’t use Selenium Web Driver at all. This way we expect Kameleo to provide a more natural browser fingerprint and this way you will have to face fewer CAPTCHAs.

All you have to do is disable the Selenium Driver in the Application Settings. Then when you launch a browser it will provide the same smooth browsing experience but without the presence of Selenium Web Driver. So please try to run the browser without Selenium if you are facing CAPTCHAs often.


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