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If you face some issue or just have some questions, please contact our agents in the Support Center. More information on what support Kameleo provides: What support do you provide?

How to open a new ticket?

Just click on the Contact us button on our Support Center or here:

How to fill out a new ticket?

Fill out the form based on your question or issue. You can specify your issue with the topic and the subject. Based on the subject the system will suggest topics from the articles.

We are updating our Support Center day-to-day, so please first check the information in our Support Center.

Please include all useful information in the ticket. A detailed ticket will serve you as well. Our agents can offer you a solution more quickly and precisely.

You can simply answer these questions in the ticket:

  • Your OS version, Your Kameleo version, and login name
  • What do you try to do? How did you try to do it?
  • What is the error you see exactly?
  • How can we reproduce your issue?

You can improve your chances of receiving a favorable answer if you provide this information:

  • Screenshots of the issue
    • Your profile settings
    • The webpage you have problems with
  • A video about the reproduction of the issue can be useful
  • Your profile file(.kameleo file)
  • Your logs. Check this article for them: Where are the Kameleo log files?

What is the response time?

You will receive an answer within 3 days. Creating multiple tickets for the same issue that you are encountering is discouraged as it will make it more difficult for us to keep track of all the information provided.

What languages are supported?

At this current time, Kameleo support is only in English, which could change in the future.

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