What traces does Kameleo leave? Is the data online or offline?

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Since Kameleo is an online privacy tool we are taking privacy very seriously. In this article, we assure you that your safety is our highest priority.

Where are the saved profiles stored?

In Kameleo you can save your profile to a .kameleo file. The profile is only stored on your machine. Some other tools are saving them in the cloud which is not safe.

Where does my internet traffic travel?

You don’t have to worry about it. Your traffic arrives and leaves your computer just like in the case of a regular browser. The Kameleo’s Spoofing Mechanism only acts on your local machine. Your traffic is never monitored in any way.

What does Kameleo communicate with our servers?

Kameleo is not sending any sensitive information from your local machine. It only communicates with our server for these reasons:

  • Checking your subscription
  • Getting news and updates
  • Getting Base Profiles
  • Reporting bugs and errors

To sum it up, you don’t have to worry. No traces are left behind when you are using Kameleo.

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