Ping based proxy detection

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Proxies are detected in your connection - This is a sentence read often by privacy fanatics.

Nowadays a new type of proxy detection is possible, but don’t worry it won’t really influence your work. This is the Ping based proxy detection.

However, no modern websites can really rely on this type of detection otherwise the user experience wouldn't be acceptable for regular users.

Ping based proxy detection

Ping-based detection is a new method of proxy detection, but it is not reliable. As a result, websites will never block you just because they detect this.

This is because of using most likely a slow proxy not because of using Kameleo. In the picture below we try to explain what exactly happens.


In the first case, the website forces your browser with JavaScript to ping the webserver. It will take a longer time since the traffic first goes to the proxy and then to the webserver. On the left side of the image, you can see that it takes 100 ms + 100 ms = 200 ms.

In the second case, the webserver is pinging the proxy. The website doesn’t even know that your PC exists. It just sees an IP. It is the Proxy’s IP. So, the ping will be much faster since it doesn’t have to travel all the way to your PC. On the right side, you can see that it just takes 100 ms.

What they say is:

We compare ping from your computer to our server and ping from our server to the host of your external IP. If the difference is too much, then there is probably a tunnel and you are using a proxy.

So, if the 2 values are totally different there is a big chance that someone is using a proxy. But it is a bad idea to block traffic based on this detection because these differences in the ping can be other anomalies as well. For example, the fluctuating bandwidth. So, it can happen that someone doesn’t use a proxy but when his browser is pinging the website it takes a different time than the ping from the website to his PC. This is why they say “probably a tunnel”.

Avoid proxy detection

You don’t have to worry about this type of detection too much because no modern websites really block traffic due to this reason. They cannot rely on it for sure results.

If you really care, you must use fast proxies, so the time difference won’t be too big. Also, you should be close to the proxy you use. If the proxy, you are using is on the other side of the world this difference will be high. No matter how fast the proxy’s connection is.

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