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What is Kameleo Beta?

Developing a browser fingerprint spoofing tool like Kameleo is a hard business. We are facing difficult obstacles while we are fighting for online privacy. It usually takes a long time to publish a fully functioning stable version of Kameleo. To keep the technical enthusiastic members of our community up to date we decided to publish our dev branch more frequently.

This way you will be able to download a Beta version of Kameleo more often. We will always notify you on our website when a new beta version is available. We only publish a Kameleo Beta version when we find it stable enough for operation but not ready for a live release.


We call Kameleo Beta the latest version. You can refer to it with a ‘+’ sign like Kameleo v1.5.2+ BETA. It means the Beta version after Kameleo v1.5.2.

What we expect

We expect our community to try out the latest version of Kameleo and provide us some feedback in support tickets.

We hope that every BETA will be useful but we cannot guarantee that your work will be glitchless with it.

How to download

You can download here the latest Kameleo Beta version or on our Downloads page.

You can install it easily by removing the old version of Kameleo and install the Kameleo Beta instead with the installer.

If you don’t like it you can reinstall the old one anytime.

Please note, in the Kameleo Beta App, there is no sign showing that it is a Beta version. The version number will be the same as the latest live release.

See our website for updates on the beta channel.

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