False-positive alerts on websites

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Users who use privacy tools to change Browser Fingerprint often visit browser fingerprint checker sites like:

They are good websites where you can check the values of the different parts of your browser fingerprint. We recommend whoer.net and for canvas the browserleaks.com. The problem is that these sites are rating your fingerprint configuration and that confuses many users. Here is a little guide on how to handle the information provided by these sites.

The good news is that often they are false positive alerts. It means that you don’t have to worry despite there being signs on the sites about it. Let's see the details:

In the picture below you can see a screenshot taken on the f.vision website while browsing with a Swedish Chrome Browser with Kameleo v2.6.


As you can see this website alerts us that there is a problem with the Language and Platform. We can assure you that you don’t have to worry about it. This site is making a false positive alert. It means that it is rating your browser fingerprint based on a bad algorithm. Our Base Profiles are harvested with big care, so they look natural. They look exactly like real browser configurations so they can keep you undetected. This website is alerting because its alert system is implemented wrongly. The only fingerprint that can get a "100% classification" here is fake browser profiles that are generated with their own product. (But they are detected by real security software)

I suggest you open these sites with your real browser on your real PC. There is a big chance that it will still warn you with a false positive alert. Like for me.


The above screenshot was taken with my normal PC with no spoofing, and it still gets problems.

Imagine that a real site’s browser fingerprint detection system works the same way as this. It would mean that I couldn’t use the website with my regular PC.


This screenshot is from a regular Brave browser which is rising in popularity. Common browser extensions can also affect the checking algorithms.


This is from an original Firefox. It says, that you are not using the latest, however, there is no update at the moment.

To summarize false-positive alerts

Don’t panic if a website like f.vision is showing some false positive alert. The real thing that matters is the success rate you get. And we can assure you that it is pretty high with Kameleo.

If you really want to check the rate of your browser fingerprint, we recommend using whoer.net for general stuff and browserleaks.com for canvas. But we recommend reading the articles of the Browser Fingerprinting Technologies category in our knowledge base so you will understand things more.

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