Where are the Kameleo log files?

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What are these log files?

Kameleo log files contain a wealth of information about application activities and communication, as well as any error messages. With this key information, our developers can solve your issue much faster.

Where can I find the log files of Kameleo?

It can be really useful if you are attaching log files to your support ticket. Please attach both CLI and GUI logs, from the day when the issue took place.

Originally, you can find the logs in C:/Users/<YOUR_USERNAME>/AppData/Local/Programs/Kameleo/Logs folder.

Set log level using config file

You can see more information in the logs by changing the value of the Verbose key to 2 in the appsettings.json file, which is located at the root of the installation directory. (C:\Users\<YOUR_USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Programs\Kameleo) Here is an example:


  "ListeningHost": "+",

  "ListeningPort": 5050,

  "Verbose": 1


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