Set up Kameleo for logging

In some complicated issues, we will need more information. You will have to:

  1. Reproduce the error.
  2. Send us the logs.

Get the logs of Kameleo

  • The log files will be in the ‘Logs’ folder next to Kameleo.ClientGUI.exe (C:\Program Files\Kameleo Team\Kameleo\Logs)
  • Attach the relevant log files to your support ticket


  • Copy the output of the Self Diagnostics window to your support ticket
  • See the article about Self Diagnostics.

Browser console log

In cases when an error happens while browsing we will need the logs from the browser.

  1. Press ‘F12’ while you are in the browser.
  2. Find the ‘Console’ tab.
  3. Copy the logs and send to us.


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