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When someone wants to use multiple profiles at the same time they will need different IP addresses for each profile. If someone gets a dedicated IP, Port, Username and Password for a proxy, one can easily set up multiple profiles with different IP addresses at the same time. But what if I want to use 911 S5 Client Proxies?


Here is our tutorial.

Get multiple IPs with 911 S5 Client

You will have to set up 911 S5 Client, then you will have to use the port forward list ability.

Setup 911 S5 Client

  • Login to the client
  • Add a random program to the program list (We won’t use it because we will set up Other as a Proxy Tool, but it is recommended. Otherwise, the 911 S5 Client doesn’t let us choose a proxy)


  • Configure the Settings


    • Take the checkbox out from the ‘Auto change TimeZone’ (Kameleo will handle this)
    • Select Custom Proxy Port. We recommend you to use 24450 (Don’t forget to click Save button)
    • Take the checkbox out from the ‘Auto close program when change proxy’ (Don’t forget to click Save button)
    • Select Other Proxy Tools

Use Forward Port to Proxy function

Instead of simply double-clicking on a proxy, right-click on it and select Forward Port to Proxy.


Then you can allocate different proxies to different ports.


By clicking the PortForwardList you can see which proxy is assigned to which port.


Then you will only have to set up the correct ports in Kameleo's built-in proxy manager.


Then the IP addresses will be different for each profile.

To be able to set up even more IP Addresses you have to set up a bigger Port Forward range in 911 S5 Client's Settings page.

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