Running multiple profiles simultaneously

Since Kameleo v1.3 it is possible to operate with multiple profiles at the same time. It means you can run more browsers with different IP addresses and different browser fingerprints.

This video was created with Kameleo v1.3 (in Kameleo v2 it is even more convenient)

Browse with 2 different IP addresses

Imagine a situation when you have to browse with 2 different IP addresses. It can happen for example when you want to have two accounts on the same website like Facebook, Gmail, E-Bay, Amazon.

You could have 2 different computers with 2 different internet access. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive and hard to maintain. Also what if you need more IP addresses. Then you will need computers for each.

Another solution is to use VPN providers. Then you will need just one machine and you can switch between the networks. Sooner or later you will miss changing the IP and it will be a mess. Also, it is not possible to browse simultaneously with different IPs.

Many users prefer to connect to RDPs or run VMs (virtual machines) on servers. They work quite okay, but it is a very expensive solution. It is not possible to scale them easily. Once someone needs 100 profiles it will result in 100 Virtual Machines or Remote Desktops. The cost of that is much higher. Also if you need to run a profile that you used 1 year ago it will be difficult to connect to the same Remote Desktop or set up the same VM.

Kameleo is the solution

Kameleo is providing a simple solution for running multiple browsers with different IP addresses and browser fingerprints. You can simply create multiple profiles and set up different IP addresses for each. It will simply start more browsers with different IP addresses. It also takes care of the digital fingerprint that also has to be different. This way each browser will run in its own sandbox environment, and websites won't be able to tell, that you are using the same computer.

It is not enough to have different IP address. If you would like to visit the same site with 2 different accounts a clever site may also check your browser fingerprint. It will not just look for different IPs but different browser configuration. If they are the same the website will notice and block you. Occasionally you can read News about Facebook blocking and deleting accounts. It happens when Facebook detects that 2 accounts are maintained by the same user. If you don’t take care of you browser fingerprint it can happen to you as well. Kameleo will handle it and you won’t have to worry.

Once you created a profile you can save it to a .kameleo file. You can store them locally, they are just a couple of MegaBytes so your disk won’t be full with VM images. You can load them at any time.


No limitation

The good news is that you can have as many profiles and browser configurations as you want. Kameleo has no limit on the number of profiles.

Here is an article on Medium about running multiple accounts with multiple profiles.

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