Running multiple Virtual Browser Profiles simultaneously

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With Kameleo you can browse the web with multiple profiles simultaneously, each with different IP addresses and browser fingerprints.

Browse with 2 different IP addresses

Imagine needing to use two different IP addresses on the same website, for example, Facebook or Gmail. You could have two machines with two different internet access. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive and hard to maintain.

To avoid this inconvenience, you could use VPN. Then you will need just one machine and you can switch between the networks. Sooner or later, you will miss changing the IP and it will be a mess. Also, it is not possible to browse simultaneously with different IPs.

Many users prefer to connect to RDPs or run VMs on servers. While this approach works most of the time, it is very expensive and only a temporary solution.

Kameleo is the solution

With Kameleo you can run multiple profiles and you can maintain them easily. You can even do automation for better results. (Getting started with Kameleo Automation)

Kameleo doesn’t require multiple devices and big power resources. When you're running multiple profiles, it's just like having several browsers open.

This way each browser will run in its own sandbox environment, and websites won't be able to tell, that you are using the same computer.


Once you created a profile you can save it to a .kameleo file. You can store them locally, they are just a couple of Megabytes so your disk won’t be full with VM images. You can load them at any time and you can continue your work.

No limitation

Kameleo has no limit on the number of profiles you create. With every Plan (Kameleo plans), you can start as many profiles as you want.

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