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What is HTML Canvas?

Canvas is a technique for rendering two-dimensional graphics in web browsers. On several websites, the JavaScript engine checks if the user’s system supports Canvas rendering; if it does, an image with custom 2D shapes or texts are displayed.

Regular Canvas example
Canvas used by Google

This feature can be useful for several purposes, such as generating avatar images automatically. However, it is mostly used for browser fingerprinting.

Why should you spoof your Canvas while browsing the Web?

Different browsers on different computers render the same image with little difference so Canvas fingerprinting can generate unique identifiers (hash codes) that can be used as an identifier for websites, enabling the tracking of devices or determining the user's browser and detecting anti-detect browsers.

Our team created research on Canvas Fingerprinting and came up with an undetectable solution, called Intelligent Canvas SpoofingWe have created a video about it as well

If you want to alter your canvas fingerprint, please see our guide on it: How to set up Canvas spoofing in Kameleo?

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