Information about Kameleo licence

There are a couple of questions being asked about Kameleo Licences by our community. We would like to answer them here.

Can I use Kameleo on more computers?

If you purchase a licence it will be an account that you can use to log into Kameleo on any machine. There is only one restriction: You can use one account with one instance of Kameleo at the same time. You won’t be able to open Kameleo on two different computers and log in to each at the same time with the same account.

Can I share my Kameleo Licence?

You can only share your Kameleo Licence with your friend only if you are using it at different time intervals. Since one subscription is only letting you log into one instance of Kameleo.

How many profiles are included in my Kameleo Licence?

Infinity. Kameleo has no restriction on the number of profiles you can make with it. There are 20000+ Base Profiles in our system. You can use as much as you want. You can even customize them so there is an infinite number of virtual online profiles included to your Kameleo subscription. You can save all of them to .kameleo files. And later reload them.

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