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In the rapidly evolving landscape of web security, more companies are turning to sophisticated solutions like DataDome to protect their websites from automated data scaping. DataDome is an advanced anti-bot system that uses real-time analytics and dynamic blocking rules to identify and prevent bot traffic. By analyzing IP addresses, headers, and browser fingerprints, DataDome efficiently filters out automated scripts and scraping tools like

  • Scrapy and other spiders
  • Playwright and other browser based scrapers

The Challenges of DataDome

DataDome’s comprehensive approach includes monitoring HTTP headers, JavaScript-related information, and crucial browser-specific data to detect anomalies. It uses a combination of IP analysis, request frequency tracking, and browser fingerprinting to ensure that only legitimate users gain access. This robust security can pose significant challenges for web scrapers, who often find themselves blocked despite using good proxies.

Introducing Kameleo

For web scrapers seeking to navigate the stringent defenses of DataDome, Kameleo offers an innovative solution. Kameleo’s browsers, such as Chroma and Junglefox, are specifically designed to meet the unique demands of web scraping. Kameleo’s technology enables users to perfectly mimic the browsing behavior of a real human, thus overcoming the barriers set by systems like DataDome.

Mimic real-user activity

Kameleo browsers manage a user’s digital footprint comprehensively, including HTTP headers, JavaScript-related information, and critical browser-specific data. These elements are crucial in ensuring that browsing activity does not trigger suspicion under DataDome’s scrutiny.

Dynamic Fingerprint Adjustment

Kameleo allows for dynamic modification of browser fingerprints, which is essential for circumventing modern web security systems like DataDome. Users can freely alter their browser’s fingerprint, making it difficult for the security system to recognize and block them.

Easily maintainable

One of the standout features of Kameleo is its commitment to maintaining an evergreen browser environment. The browsers are continuously updated and maintained with our own native code modifications to ensure high success rates. This means users can rely on Kameleo to keep their scraping activities effective and undetected, without the need to constantly tweak their own setups to adapt to new security measures.



Kameleo is not just a tool for web scraping but an integrated solution that encompasses the most advanced browser-fingerprint spoofing techniques to overcome anti-bot challenges. Whether dealing with DataDome-protected sites or others, Kameleo ensures that users can safely and efficiently collect data without the need to continuously update their code to match the security systems’ changes. Kameleo is a key enabler in the world of online data collection, ensuring continuous access and successful operation in web scraping.

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