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Ping Proxies is a UK-based proxy provider that offers several types of proxies including Datacenter and Residential Peer services but particularly, specializes in Static Residential ISP Proxies.

These are residential IP addresses which are hosted in datacenters meaning they are undetectable like real residential peers but also benefit from datacenter level reliability, network throughput and availability. The company is able to offer these services across the USA and EU through leveraging business partnerships and agreements with major ISPs like AT&T, Spectrum, Virgin Media amongst others.


They also integrate with one of the largest Residential Peer proxy networks and offer access to over 15 million real residential IPs at affordable rates with entry level plans. 

Customers also benefit from free access to a full-functionality public API which supports proxy rotation, analytics and reselling.

Residential Proxies

The Ping Proxies network consists of real residential IP addresses sourced through their ethical IP program which mandates informed consent of all network participants as a minimum requirement.

The residential network is large with over 15 million participants from all over the world. This allows the company to offer residential peer services in over 180 countries and the sheer size of the pool means city and ASN targeting are both effective.

Unlike many other large providers, they offer residential packages for smaller clients with as little as 1 GB of bandwidth alongside their mult-TB enterprise service levels. All packages are affordably priced and market competitive.

Static Residential ISP Proxies

Their Static Residential ISP network is very large with over 70,000 IPs and supports B2C, B2B, and reselling clients.

A global web of Internet connectivity agreements with service providers like AT&T, Comcast, Spectrum, Vocus allows them to offer Static ISP Proxies in the United States, Europe and even Australia with plans to launch in Asia soon.

Subnets are clean and rotated regularly meaning the service should perform similar to the Residential Peer network for use-cases like web-scraping and account management but since they are hosted in datacenters they are also reliable and have great network performance with speeds of over 250 Mbps up/down per proxy and historical uptime of 99.960%.

Thanks to the large scale of the network, Ping Proxies is also able to offer these services at lower prices than many competitors with pricing per IP address per month as low as $2.25 before any coupons.

Datacenter Proxies

The company also offers EU and USA datacenter proxies at affordable pricing. Similar to their Static Residential ISP services, these are highly reliable, have great network performance and uptime but do not benefit from being announced to a residential ASN.


Using Kameleo with PingProxies

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