Breaking API changes in Kameleo 3.2.0

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This new version brings several improvements and enhancements. However, it also includes some breaking API changes that may impact your existing integrations. To ensure a smooth transition, please take a look at the following changes and solutions.

Mandatory Name Property

In the latest update, the Name property is now mandatory when creating or updating a profile. This change is essential for maintaining the integrity and identification of profiles within the system.

To adapt to this change:

  • Using REST API: When creating a profile, you must set a name using the Name property of the CreateProfileRequest model. Similarly, ensure to include the Name property when updating a profile using the UpdateProfileRequest model.
  • Using Kameleo SDK: Use the BuilderForCreateProfile class's setName method┬áto set the profile name during creation or updates.

Simplified Fonts Field

The type of the Fonts field has changed. We have removed the option to set a custom font list on profiles, simplifying the field to accept only "enabled" or "disabled" values.

To adapt to this change:

  • Using REST API: Adjust the Fonts property in both CreateProfileRequest and UpdateProfileRequest┬ámodels to either "enabled" or "disabled".
  • Using Kameleo SDK: Use the setFonts method of the BuilderForCreateProfile class to set the fonts property as either "enabled" or "disabled".

Relevant Links

For more detailed information and examples, please refer to the following resources:

Need Assistance?

If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team. We are here to help you ensure a smooth transition to Kameleo 3.2.0.

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