Using Kameleo with OkeyProxy

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OkeyProxy is the best option for all your proxy requirements, with more than 200 countries and over 150 million Real Residential IPs. Their all-inclusive solution offers cheap pricing and supports various gadgets and applications, from social network management to web scraping.


To meet each user's unique needs, OkeyProxy provides various proxy choices, such as datacenter proxies and rotating and static residential proxies. OkeyProxy guarantees flawless proxy solutions catered to your needs with a global presence covering 240 countries, compatibility with all major operating systems, and committed customer service. Take advantage of their free trial offer to experience their service for yourself, and look into their several pricing plans tailored to your specific requirements.


  1. Open the OkeyProxy Website and log in to your account. If you don't have an account, you can create one and use it to enter the service.
  2. Select the residential proxies plan on the pricing page.
  3. Go to the "Residential Proxies" - "User Name Password" - "Endpoint Generator" to get your proxy information.
  4. Select your preferred location and session type to suit your requirements.
  5. Choose the number of proxies to create, then click "Generate".
  6. Download, install, and launch Kameleo. Login with user credentials and open Kameleo’s dashboard.
  7. Create a Kameleo profile and ensure that the proxy's location matches the language set for the profile.
  8. Open the profile for your needs. Copy proxy info to Kameleo and test it. Then click "OK" to apply the proxy.

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