How to set up Audio spoofing in Kameleo?

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What is Audio spoofing?

Kameleo has implemented audio spoofing features, it involve modifying and masking the audio signature of the profile that the user uses during web interactions to prevent identification based on audio characteristics. This involves altering the audio output of the user's browser to mimic different devices or configurations, enhancing privacy or anonymity during online activities.


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Audio spoofing settings in Kameleo

You have three options to set the Audio spoofing in Kameleo.

  • You can turn the Audio spoofing Off. In this case, Kameleo won’t spoof Audio, therefore the Audio value will be off.

  • You can set it on Block, where Kameleo will deny the website access to the Web Audio API as it completely disables it. This isn't recommended, as you can appear suspicious to websites.

  • You can set up your Audio to Noise. In this case different hashes will be generated for each profile where the Noise option is selected.



To get different hashes for each profile select the Noise value.
To prevent any modification of the Audio settings, select the Off value.
In some cases, the Block may be useful because that completely disables Web Audio API in the browser.

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