Using Kameleo with TabProxy

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  1. Enter the TabProxy operation page:

    To create and log into an account, click the "Dashboard" button on the homepage to enter the operation page.

  2. Create your first proxy:

    Click "Get Proxy" on the left side, and select "User & Pass Auth or API Extraction" extraction method.

  3. User& Pass Auth extraction method:

    Select the "User & Pass Auth" extraction method, configure your needs in the agent generator, select " Proxy Format" and "Generation Quantity", and click Generate. Click "Proxy List," find the proxy you just generated, click "Export," and select "hostname:port:username: password. "Click "Confirm" to copy the IP information you just downloaded.

    tabproxy-User& Pass Auth extraction method-1.png
    tabproxy-User& Pass Auth extraction method-2.png
  4. API Extraction:

    Choose the "API Extraction" extraction method, configure your extraction quantity in the proxy generator, select the IP region you want to extract, and choose your " PROTOCOL, FORMAT, SEPARATOR". Then, click "Generate API Link" and "Open Link" to copy the IP address.

    tabproxy-API Extraction-1.png
  5. Proxy type select SOCKS5:

    In the previous step, local IP, and port. Click "Copy" to copy and paste here. You can test the credentials using the "Test Proxy" button. Click OK to apply the proxy.



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