Using Kameleo with SOAX Proxy

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SOAX is an award-winning data collection platform that provides fast, reliable, and easy-to-use proxies in 195 countries. With SOAX, you can access a pool of 155 million unique residential IPs with the software, script, or scraper you choose.




You can easily connect SOAX with Kameleo.


  1. Before you start, you must have an active package and an SOAX account. You can create an account with SOAX on their website.
  2. You will also need to sign up for a subscription with Kameleo, then you can download and log into Kameleo’s desktop app, so you can launch anti-detect browsers.

Connecting SOAX to Kameleo

Once you have access to SOAX proxies and the Kameleo browser, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Kameleo app, click on New Profile, then select one.
  2. Choose either HTTP or SOCKS5 protocol.

  3. Select your Target location from the drop-down menu in the Quick Access section of your SOAX dashboard.

  4. Copy the Server, Login, Password, and Port credentials from your SOAX dashboard.

  5. Enter the Server and Port information into the corresponding Settings fields in Kameleo and switch on the Authentication toggle.
  6. Enter your Username (labeled Login on the SOAX dashboard) and Password in the corresponding fields on Kameleo.
  7. Click Test proxy; if the connection is successful, a message will appear at the top of your screen saying Proxy works! Successfully loaded with the given proxy.
  8. Once all the settings are correct, click to sart.

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