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SOAX is an award-winning proxy provider with a pool of almost 200 million IPs. You can easily change your IP address by integrating SOAX proxies with Kameleo.






About SOAX

SOAX is an award-winning proxy provider and automated data collection platform serving more than 1000 clients from around the world. SOAX is on a mission to revolutionize data extraction with AI, enabling you to unlock previously inaccessible data and insights so you can make better informed decisions and drive growth.

SOAX provides more than 155 million residential IPs alongside its data center, mobile, and ISP proxies.

Residential IPs

SOAX is best known for providing fast, reliable, and ethically acquired residential proxies. Residential proxies allow you to browse the Internet using a real IP address from a residential connection, which means they are an effective method for avoiding sophisticated bot-blocking measures.
SOAX’s residential IPs have a success rate of 99.95%, meaning you can get more data in less time than ever before. The SOAX network of residential proxies has coverage in 195 countries and is built on real IP addresses voluntarily shared by end users.

Datacenter proxies

SOAX’s data center proxies are hosted on high-speed servers in data centers designed for performance, offering fast connection speeds and low latency. These proxies provide speed, scalability, and simplicity, making them ideal for scraping less advanced anti-bot targets that require high throughput.

Mobile IPs

SOAX offers over 30 million mobile proxies using 3G/4G/5G mobile networks. Mobile proxies use the IP addresses of real mobile devices assigned by a mobile internet provider. Using a mobile proxy makes your traffic appear to originate from the proxy’s device, location, and ISP.
Mobile proxies help manage multiple social media accounts, ad verification, web scraping, and avoiding geo-restrictions.

ISP proxies

SOAX offers ISP proxies based in the US that are hard to detect and allow long sessions up to 24 hours. ISP proxies give you real IP addresses from internet service providers, making your scraping appear human-like browsing.
ISP proxies are valid for web scraping because they are so difficult to detect. They allow you to gather data from the web quickly and without interruption.

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