Using Kameleo with IPIDEA Proxy

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  1. Register and log in to your IPIDEA account.
  2. Contact customer service to activate the account and get free trial traffic, up to 1GB.
  3. To get proxies, there are two ways here.
    The first way is API fetch, you just need to set the number of IPs, country, region, proxy protocols, etc., click to generate the link, and then open the link in the browser to get the proxy IP.

    The second way is User & Pass Auth, you can add and set the authentication account, then click Get Proxy - User & Pass Auth, set the relevant  parameters of the proxy to automatically generate the proxy.

  4. On Kameleo Desktop provide the proxy connection details on the profile edit page

    * If the proxy is obtained by the API fetch in IPIDEA, no need to fill in the username and password.
    IPIDEA-Kameleo-Integration.png* If you obtain the proxy by the User & Pass Auth in IPIDEA, you need to click Authentication and fill in the account number and password.

  5. Start the profile and check your IP address in the started browser.

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